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Hungary's New Border-Hunters: A Response to the Ongoing Migrant Crisis

A photo of border security personnel and migrants at Hungary's southern border with Serbia.
Border security at Hungary's southern border with Serbia. Photo: About Hungary Blog/The Trojan horse in
Europe’s borderless Schengen zone

Border security is a relatively new label to my blog, but an ever growing, important subject that I will be blogging about and for good reason: the failure to secure borders, coupled with significant increases in migrant flows brings with it the increased risks to national safety, and potentially threatens identity, heritage, and culture.

If there is one country at the forefront demonstrating the kind of leadership and understanding of how to thoroughly deal with border security, Hungary is definitely that country!

Hungary has successfully responded to the European migrant crisis, that peaked in 2015, with the building of it's border fences and the placement of security personnel at its border, in particular at its southern border with Serbia. The result has in effect sealed Hungary from the waves of so-called "refugees" who seek to travel through Hungary as an extension of the Balkan-route to other parts of Europe.

To put Hungary's border concerns into perspective, Zoltán Kovács, the Government Spokesman, Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, recently stated in an article, Europe is facing a migrant crisis, not a refugee crisis, from the About Hungary web site that, "Last year alone, 1.2 million people arrived in Europe, and most of them did not come from Syria. The Hungarian authorities have registered immigrants from 104 countries. This also indicates the fact that we are talking about ‘mass migration at an intercontinental level’, and should proceed accordingly."

If you don't consider Kovács's statement cause for concern, perhaps the standard warning announced from speakers at the Hungarian border will convince you of the importance and gravity of Hungary's border issues, "Attention, attention. I am warning you that you are at the Hungarian border. If you damage the fence, cross illegally, or attempt to cross, it is counted to be a crime in Hungary."

Hungary continues to improve upon its border security with the building of a second fence and the training of 3,000 new "border-hunters": specially trained border guards, 462 of whom have recently been sworn in by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's Speech Swearing in New Border-Hunters

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's speeches are well written, delivered, and are sure to impress anyone who reads or listens to them. The speech he gave on March 7, the ceremonial swearing in of the new border-hunters, is certainly no exception. It truly is an inspiring speech that reveals much about the Hungarian spirit, and about the man himself, who has clearly demonstrated that he takes the responsibility of securing and protecting the people of Hungary seriously; a primary responsibility of all leaders of government.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with new border-hunters. Photo: Reuters/Laszlo Balogh via Public Radio International (PRI)/Hungary's Trump-supporting leader will deploy 'border hunters' and refugee detention containers

Orbán could not have began his speech better when he referred to the new border-hunters as "compatriots." He highlighted the seriousness of their role in Hungarian society: a "calling" that places them at the service of Hungary and the Hungarian people. It is a calling in which they pledge to protect Hungary at the risk of their own lives, if necessary. Orbán stated that, "Protecting the homeland, our homes, women, children and parents is a moral imperative stretching back centuries. It is this imperative that adds to the gravity and sublimity of the current moment." 

The border-hunters are part of a group of security forces that includes: members of modern-day border-fort garrisons, the body of officers in Hungarian uniform, the police, and members of the defence forces. Together they form a battle-hardened community that stands its ground under the toughest of circumstances, enabling Hungarians to live in peace and security.

What I found most noteworthy about the "gravity and sublimity of the current moment," was how Orbán made it abundantly clear that, although the migrant flow has subsided considerably, Hungary cannot afford to relax or be under any illusions because Hungary remains under siege. Orbán went on to state that there are millions preparing to set out for Europe in the hope of a better life.

In its preparations for the next wave of migrants, Hungary has set out to improve upon its border security by reinforcing its lines of defence with the building of a second border fence, and by recruiting, training, and deploying border guards. Orbán made it crystal clear that Hungary must continue with its own initiatives and not rely in any way on Brussels and the European Union (EU), as both have demonstrated their willingness to make matters difficult for Hungary.

One of the more salient points in the speech was Orbán's reference to the added danger of the migrant crisis; that is, it being a Trojan horse of terrorism. Here is what he stated:
The migration crisis, Ladies and Gentlemen, will continue until we eliminate its root causes. It will remain on the agenda until people everywhere realise that migration is the Trojan horse of terrorism. The people who seek to come here do not want to live according to our culture and customs, but according to their own – with European standards of living.
I found the added concern of migrants wanting to live according to their own culture and customs to be spot on. It spotlights not only how some people have no intention of assimilating, but the potential development of demographic nightmares that already exists in countries like Sweden, France, Germany, Holland, the UK, and other European countries.

Prime Minister Orbán stressed that although border-hunters are to be humane, they must also be firm: the law applies equally to everyone, including migrants who seek to cross Hungary's borders illegally. Orbán went on to state what I consider to be one of the most important parts of his speech:
This is the reality, and no beautifully-worded human rights bombast can override it. The past few years have taught us that we can only withstand the pressure of migration if we show strength, unity and cohesion. So far we have succeeded in doing this. This has made Hungary one of the safest countries in Europe today. If the world sees that we are able to protect our borders, if they see that the reinforced Hungarian border fence is impenetrable, if they see that we continue to insist on upholding our laws and do not waver for a second, no one will attempt to come to Hungary illegally. It is the Hungarian people’s legitimate expectation that entry to the territory of our country should only be allowed to those whom we have thoroughly vetted, and whose identities, motives and intentions have been clarified.
Orbán then talked about the simple goals of Hungarians; that is, to live in a Hungary in which Hungarians are happy to start families, confident that their children will have a better life than they do. Among some of the other goals, Orbán pointed to the opportunity for everyone to have jobs, and that everyone earns the appreciation and reward based on the work they perform. Adding to the aforementioned important part of his speech, Orbán stated:
We want a Hungary and a Europe in which being Hungarian is a source of pride and recognition – in which our traditions and history are respected, and in which our culture is also respected. We Hungarians want a Europe in which we can live our own Hungarian lives. In the Hungary that we want, security is the foremost concern. And one can only have a safe and secure life in a place where the laws and the interests of the country are defended by dedicated people in uniform who have sworn to do this task: people like you, who are brave, determined, well-prepared, ready to do their duty and to protect their country. You are now the defenders of both freedom for Hungary’s present and hope for Hungary’s future. I ask you to be as proud of this as we are proud of you. I wish you courage and perseverance in your work, and I wish your families strength and good health.
God protect and preserve Hungary!

The Emergence of Hungary as a Leading Nation in Europe

In the past few years, Viktor Orbán has emerged as one of, if not, "the" European leaders that other European and world leaders have been looking to. A prime example is Holland's Geert Wilders, who in a recent interview with the Rebel Media's Ezra Levant, referred to Orbán as a "hero." It was no coincidence that President Trump contacted Prime Minister Viktor Orbán by telephone in late November 2016, in which he was quoted as saying , “I’m a big fan of Hungary.”

Orbán's emergence on the European scene was the result of Hungary's peaceful revolution in the voting booth in April 2010—Hungary's parliamentary elections—in which Hungary not only elected the Fidesz Party (the national Conservative party that Viktor Orbán leads), but set in motion the return of Hungary's autonomy to the Hungarian people. That year, Hungary had not only rejected austerity and sent the International Monetary Fund packing, but implemented the following measures: introduced taxes on multinational corporations; cut household utility fees; slashed income taxes; put people back into the work force, and introduced pro-family policies. 

Today, Hungary is not only an example for other European countries, but a success story! A success story that Viktor Orbán elaborated on in his State of the Nation address on February 10, in which he stated: the major credit ratings have all restored Hungary to investment grade; household debt has fallen and continues to fall; unemployment has hit a record low; wages are rising; and the economy is enjoying sustainable growth that has put Hungary among the leading economies in Europe.

Hungary is a much stronger and stable country today than it was seven years ago; a strength and stability that has enabled the Hungarian people to manifest their own destiny, which includes the tightening of its border security.

God bless Hungary.

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